Jasmine Fauteux

English Take-Away (ETA) was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur and English teacher Jasmine Nicole Fauteux.

In 2010, the young Canadian entrepreneur travelled across the Atlantic to buld herself a life in Reggio Emilia. Once she’d arrived she knew she would never leave. It felt like home to her.

From 2011 to 2017 Ms. Fauteux rapidly built a career teaching English and professional training courses which lead to her covering the role of Didactic Director of more than one presigious private school.

Over the years she not only worked in the education sector but also held important roles in finance, sales, HORECA and import-export.
Initially ETA was located in the historical centre of Reggio Emilia (RE), where the registered office now resides.

In March 2018 the field office was transfered to a shared office of about 30 Sq m but thanks to its growing success ETA is now located in a private studio of more than 80 Sq m at 5/F Via Del Fante in Reggio Emilia.

My philosophy

ETA stands out among the rest for its tailor-made courses created for every situation. In just a few years as working as a freelancer I have kept my clients loyal thanks to the direct contact which allows me to understand the limits and capabilities of each student.

What companies appreciate is the complete flexibility of the courses and locations available to them.

Courses are based on Problem Solving and ETA’s focus on customer needs.
When dealing directly with the teacher, the course can change and adapt to the situation, whether it is an individual or group course.

ETA wishes to remain a small-sized structure so as to always have direct contact with the customer and share (whether with a company or private student) the passion pursued by its founder.

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