Corsi di lingua inglese a Reggio Emilia

Heteronyms are simply words with the same spelling but which change meaning depending on how you pronounce them (for example: to read a book you’ve already read). Sometimes you have to stress a different syllable and other times the vowel sound changes. Here are some examples to remember (notice the “ or stressed syllable):

My mother gave me a lovely “present for my birthday. (noun)

You should live in the “present not the past. (noun)

The teacher asked me to pre”sent myself to the class. (verb)


Fruits and vegetables are in the “produce section of the supermarket. (adjective)

Cows pro”duce 28 litres of milk a day. (verb)

I wanted to see the live show. (adjective)

I live in Reggio Emilia in Italy. (verb)


Do you know any heteronyms? How about these ones? Polish, lead, dove, object, subject, desert, close, bow and tear.

Having difficulty or unsure if you’re reading them correctly? Call me! That’s what I’m here for!