Are you a workaholic with your nose constantly to the grindstone? Have you gotten tired of the rat race after years of wearing several different hats? Well… that sucks and unfortunately I can’t help you make big life changing decisions (I’m not Dr. Phil!) but these phrases might help you when chatting about your worklife if the opportunity ever arrises.

So what’s a workaholic?

Well, “-aholic” just means “addicted”. So, like his old buddy “alcoholic” (someone addicted to alcohol), a workaholic is addicted to work. Instead of working a nice 9-to-5 job (8 hours) a workaholic works countless hours of overtime, probably works at home when he’s not in the office or accepts shifts when he should probably sleep, eat or any other healthy action. Are you a workaholic?

Put/have your nose to the grindstone… what?

Ok, it simply means work (hard). I’m assuming, as I don’t have much time to look everything up on Google, that it refers to workers who actually used grindstones to sharpen iron tools. To make this easier to understand what a grindstone is just have a look on Google. It’s a big round stone wheel with a wooden frame.


Why rat race?

Because we all want to be the “big cheese” (big boss)! Ok, so I’m not sure the two terms “rat race” and “big cheese” have any connection, however, it kinda makes sense. The “rat race” is the competitive and chaotic business world. It’s quite a fitting image if you think about it. I mean, just have a look at an american call center…tens of cubicles built into a sort of labirynth. So what’s the prize? I’m guessing a nice pension plan…what do you think?