Professional and linguistic training courses

Language training courses are any course that lead to an improvement in one’s ability to understand and/or communicate in any language, usually foreign. Their main goal is the development of:

  • hard skills

    Their main goal is the development of:

  • soft skills

    (skills that can be taught and measured) such as the ability to write, read or compose various forms of communication

(less tangible skills) such as correct behavior, listening and relating to others.
Vocational training courses (which take place both in a mother tongue and in a foreign language) include various phases where the goal is the improvement of the ability to perform a particular job. The training market of this kind has seen an increase in courses aimed more at improving Soft Skills. Courses of this kind may include:

  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Public Relations and Customer Service
  • Human resources
  • Presentations
  • Workplace safety

ETA firmly believes that no two students are alike and that the key to success lies in discovering what makes each student different and custom building courses that take into consideration and optimize these differences no matter the class size or level. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not but we are passionate about offering the best service possibile with realistic attainable goals utilizing our years of experience and profound knowledge of various teaching methods to fit all learning styles.

Busy or unpedictable work schedule? We offer flexible schedules…flexibile enough for the most chaotic businessmen and women.

Prefer digital materials to textbooks? Vice versa? Or neither? No problem. Materials are chosen (or not) based on our students’ objectives, available studytime and learning styles. We take pride in providing the highest quality materials (textbooks, online platforms, digital offline coursebooks, apps, websites, etc.) by collaborating with, but not limiting ourselves to, the world’s leading publishers of didactic materials.

What we can do for you

English Take-Away…

…sets itself apart by offering English courses and professional training courses in English which are flexible and customized in every detail for each student based on their needs, level, interests and particular learning ability.


… puts the student first and considering that not everyone learns the same way (theory of multiple intelligences) or for the same reasons creates the one that will lead the student to the achievement of his goals.

And more

ETA collaborates with various publishing houses, world leaders in the production of educational materials, and also offers and uses digital books and platforms which are always up to date and of the highest quality. Nonetheless ETA remains free to choose the right material for each student without contractual restrictions in favour of one particular publisher or method.

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