What do you think about… waking up early?

I don’t now about you but I love to sleep. It used to be my favorite pass time. That was of course before having kids. I often joke about not having slept in the last 5 years and more than a joke it’s pretty true. My daughter sleeps all night, or mostly all night and doesn’t disturb me but since becoming a mother I am always just conscious enough to be alert  in case of emergency. I also wake up nearly instantly at the first ring of the alarm clock (or before) and I’m ready to get going. Regardless of how many or few hours of sleep I’ve gotten the night before. I have to get the family going: off to school, off to work, fed, dressed, out the door. I have to be a cheerleader (sometimes I annoy myself).

I often teach lessons about circadian rhythm, otherwise known as a person’s internal clock. It’s what makes you wake up naturally in the morning and get sleepy when the sun goes down. The fact is that not everyone is on the same cycle. My partner for example is NOT a morning person. He is known as a “B-person”: someone whose brain and body are on the opposite circadian rhythm than most “normal” or “A-people”. He functions at a higher level towards the afternoon/evening than in the morning.

Needless to say, it makes morning a little stressful at our house.

I was just like him but motherhood has changed my body and brain and now I function, out of necessity more than anything, quite highly in the morning. Once I’m up, I’m up. I’m still not one of those 4-am-jogging types. I think those people are crazy!

What about you? Are you an early bird (you wake up early)? A night owl (stay up late at night)? Or something else all together? Do you like getting up early in the morning? And what is it that gets you out of bed in the morning?

Please leave your stories in the comments box below! And remember, we don’t have to agree with each other we just have to be respectful to one another!

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